Saturday, September 01, 2007

What?!!?? It's September already???

I, like many other bloggers, have been caught up in the facebook frenzy and have not posted for a very long time. I have no idea what happened to summer.... between camping, hockey school, waterskiing, tubing, sewing, beaching, Shelly and Ron's wedding, more camping, canning, an unexpected trip to Saskatchewan, more beaching, hiking, running, etc... the time flew by. Here are a few of our favourite pics from the summer!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

I said....

Today is a very special day....but I forgot! Not my wonderful husband! Brian has never really been a romantic one...however, when I arrived home from work today, he had a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me! I was flabberghasted! Anyone who knows him, will appreciate this! I said, "What's the occasion?" (really I had no idea!!)
he said, "Twelve years ago today you made a very important I am glad you did!!"

Then the light bulb went on for was twelve years ago today that he proposed to me!! And he remembered!! I love you Brian, and everyday I am glad that I said YES!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Rachel on May 24th!!

A few days late, but here are a few pics from her Tropical Party on the Long weekend. Her birthday was a busy (where she had a swimming lesson), dentist after school (note the pictures of Amy--it was her first time!!) and then dance rehearsal. Rachel's recital was this weekend, with a show on Friday night, one on Saturday night and then one Sunday afternoon. I can't believe my little girl is six!! Although with makeup on for the dance recital...she looks so much older!!

Hula!! Limbo and the Chicken Dance!!!

Amy's First Trip to the Dentist...look cavities!!!
A few pictures from "The Little Mermaid" production!!

What a little princess!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I can hardly believe that my baby is three!! On May 18, Amy celebrated her third birthday with a few friends, Grandma and Grandpa, and Baba, Deda and Auntie Lisa. It was a great day and she was once again spoiled!! Amy is so proud of the big girl she has become, as are we. Since she turned three, she has successfully slept in big girl panties and continues to amaze us and make us laugh!! We love you, big girl Amy!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother and Daughter Afternoon!

Today Rachel and I spent the afternoon together. It was an early birthday present for
she has been wanting for awhile!!

She was so tears!!
My almost 6 year old PRINCESS!!! I love you!

This is our life...

Baseball..... two games and one or two practices a week!

Soccer....every Saturday morning 8:30- 11:30 (well I actually don't go until about 9:30!!)

Dance : Rachel is going to be an octopus in the Little Mermaid Ballet (in two weeks, three performances in one weekend!!)

and Amy who will be three in a few days...she cracks us up!! Her latest one liner, usually at the dinner table...."Mommy, did you bring your hollow leg??"

So these along with many birthday parties, playdates, runs and oh yes, teaching full time are the reasons I haven't posted in awhile!! Life is busy, crazy and full of love from my kids... isn't that what every mom dreams of?? Happy Mother's Day to all of you!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Last week we headed to my sister's in White Rock for Charlotte's baptism. We had fun playing with cousins and seeing a few sights. But oh the rain....I don't know how you coast folks do it. After only two days of rain I could almost feel my feet beginning to web:) And the traffic.. YIKES! It sure made quaint little Summerland appealing! Here are a few pictures: these first few are from our walk down to Crescent Beach.. in the rain!

Here are a couple from the baptism!

Children are a true blessing.... I sure enjoyed my time off with my three beautiful blessings! This last picture was taken at Science World. We took the kids there on Monday on the skytrain...what an adventure. They were so excited! I am sure we looked like true tourists...complete with the oohs and aghh's of big buildings and other trains. Science world was great.. not many people and lots of fun things to play with. This is a guy lighting a balloon that was filled with hydrogen on fire!! I can't beleive I caught the image!!

After Science World we walked around by BC Place and GM Place before heading back on the skytrain...around 4:00 pm... yep right in the middle of rush hour. Picture this, Mom, Dad, three small children, camera, back pack...true tourists. Then imagine, youngest child falling asleep on the skytrain (which is packed with business people, students etc) then add two parents who don't realize they have to switch trains to get back to Surrey. (hey, coming in we didn't have to switch trains) So, off we get, carrying sleeping child (AKA dead weight) and towing along two other children, back pack and camera bag. Up one escalator (which was exciting in itself...we don't have any in Summerland!), across the track, back down stairs to wait for the next train. Enter. No seats, standing. Rachel staring up at all the people! Exit next stop to switch onto the train we should have got on. Up stairs, past police officers arresting someone, back onto train...extremely packed...standing room with nothing to hold onto!! Amy still dead weight (thank goodness she isn't that big!) Get off at the Park and Ride and pray the van is still there. It is :) Put Amy in her car seat...sound asleep, doing the wet noodle impersonation. We had to recline the seat to get her buckled in. Off to visit some family and share the adventure. What a great day...although it sure made me appreciate the wonderful environment I have to bring my kids up in.